Healthcare Costs, Family Bankruptcy

Friday, December 19, 2014

If healthcare costs are a concern for you and your family – and if they aren’t yet, they soon will be – take a few minutes to view this video featuring Dr. David Belk. He explains how all your healthcare bills – from doctors’ visits to medications to hospitalizations to lab and imaging tests – are inflated by up to ten times.

And when you’re finished, check out the rest of this page for ways to overcome this unmatched price inflation that causes almost twice as many family bankruptcies in America as all other causes combined. And most of these folks had health insurance.

You might also enjoy my MedSmarts blog posts that start below after the several videos that offer you even more insights into how to navigate America’s broken healthcare system – and reduce your risk of treatment injury and financial exploitation.

Learn to protect yourself & your family

Our Healthcare Sucks exposes American healthcare’s “dark underbelly” - medical greed that threatens your life & family finances. Americans’ insurance and out-of-pocket costs combined are likely to TRIPLE over the next decade – Obamacare or no Obamacare - driven largely by deceptive practices like…

Our Healthcare Sucks book cover

  • Unnecessary surgeries, tests & procedures

  • Patient referrals to doctor-owned services

  • Needlessly hospitalizing patients to protect doctors from lawsuits

These violate the medical code of ethics, yet are now common. Our Healthcare Sucks is a “wake-up call” to these threats to your safety and finances – as you’ll pay for more of these deceptive practices out of your own pocket. Learn how to protect yourself and your family (get instant access to this eBook by clicking the orange Add-to-Cart button on the right).     

Or get a FREE copy of the Introduction chapter here.

If you still think more healthcare is better healthcare, you need to watch this video.

Caveat to following video: randomly controlled medical trials can be manipulated, too.

Be sure to review this list of healthcare procedures and their effectiveness – and risks – before signing your Informed Consent.

OK, this last video’s an hour+ and an hour is an eternity online, but it’s a speck in time in eternity. Watch at least the first 13 minutes – and remember, this applies to ALL medications/medical evidence, not just psychiatric.

Blog Posts

Health Insurance or SELF – Insurance?

Health insurance magnet drawing hundred dollar billsHealthcare spending in America will roughly double over the next ten years – causing companies to more aggressively shift health insurance costs to their employees. Many are expected to drop health insurance altogether. This means your family’s healthcare costs are likely to triple - leaving you responsible for half or more of your healthcare costs even with health insurance. That’s what we call “self-insurance”Continue reading

 Healthcare Reform: Is Access Enough?

Health reform as a bandaid on a bleeding wound

The politics of healthcare reform distract us from our real medical threats:

  • Epidemic injuries from medical mistakes - mostly concealed and unrecognized; &

  • Out-of-control healthcare spending  - much of it due to deceptive medical practices.

Neither are significantly affected by healthcare reform – nor its repeal…Continue reading...

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