Our Mission

Our Mission

Healthcare that's self-directed is MedSmart Members' missionMedSmart Members offers “outside-the-box” analyses and unique insights on America’s healthcare crisis – like Our Healthcare Sucks and Obamacare – The Good, the Bad & the Missing– and how to protect yourself and your family.



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MedSmart Medical Module 

Getting Serious About Your Healthcare™

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The MedSmart System’s medical module picks up where Our Healthcare Sucks leaves off with this three-part eBook series…

  • Health Insurance Under Health Reform – helps you rethink your health insurance…and your healthcare.

  • MedSmart Patients – a guide to prudent use of our fragmented & fraudulent medical system.

  • Medication Risks & How to Safely Reduce Them – reduce your risk of injury from multiple medications.

     MedSmart Lifestyle Module

Becoming CEO of the Rest of Your Life

The best way to avoid financial exploitation & medical injury in our increasingly corrupted medical system is to reduce your reliance on it altogether.apple balanced on top of barbell

  • Beyond Cholesterol: Know Your REAL Disease Risks – avoid profit-driven and often harmful tests & procedures.

  • MedSmart Living – lifestyle behaviors with the best “bang for your buck” for disease avoidance & health promotion.

  • MedSmart Diet – bedrock nutrition focused on the medical effects of your diet and the dangers of excess belly fat.

Join the waiting list on our Books page for FREE chapters as each book is released over the coming months.  Don’t worry – there’s  no obligation. And what you”ll learn from the free chapters alone will help you avoid financial exploitation and treatment injury. Join Here.