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Smarter Healthcare Choices

Our healthcare crisis in America is complicated. Fixing it for you and your family – or your business – won’t happen with simplistic answers like avoiding the healthcare system altogether (would that we could). That would be an irresponsible response to a complex crisis. But it IS a crisis – and aggressive action IS required […]

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Healthcare risks from medications spelled out with word "risk" on four red blocks

Medication Madness

Has Healthcare in America Reached Pharmageddon? [ez_date] The term “pharmageddon” was coined by healthcare industry experts grown increasingly concerned about the dominance of medications as physicians’ primary tool for managing disease. Here’s their definition: “Pharmageddon: The prospect of a world in which medicines and medicine produce more ill-health than health, and when medical progress does […]

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highway construction sign saying "rough road ahead"

Healthcare and Highways

American Healthcare’s Collision Course  Healthcare in America is about more than just politics. But what’s it got to do with highways-like the one in this 30-second video? (Go ahead – watch it, it’s 30 seconds…and look out, Quentin Tarrantino)…   OK, so now to the question of what healthcare and highways have in common. If […]

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