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Healthcare Mistakes: Another 9/11 Every Week

Healthcare Lies & Deceit

Having just had our eleventh remembrance of the horror of 9/11, it’s time to turn our attention to another horror that’s ongoing and very much beneath the radar. That’s the crisis of medical errors in American healthcare – a crisis that remains shrouded in lies and deceit.

And these aren’t harmless “little white lies”. They’re dangerous practices leaving many patients dead in their wake.

And it’s on a scale even grander than that of 9/11.

This isn’t meant to diminish in any way the tragedy of 9/11.  Nor does it lessen the immense sense of loss still felt after its 11th anniversary.

But there’s an ongoing American tragedy – a silent tragedy – that’s gone largely unnoticed.

These are the facts

  • Every week about as many Americans die from medical mistakes as died on 9/11;

  • Little progress has been made in reducing this healthcare carnage in the decade-plus since the Institute of Medicine‘s groundbreaking report – “To Err Pile of dead bodies representing victims of healthcare mistakes in AmericaIs Human”; and

  • The American public is largely oblivious to this threat. That’s mostly because these healthcare errors are seldom disclosed to them.

The victims’ families assume their loved one died of their medical condition. Too often, however, they die from their medical (mis)treatment.

This is all amply documented and dissected in Our Healthcare Sucks.

The title reflects a carefully constructed case for why patients and consumers in America need to be more skeptical of the medical interventions proposed for them and their loved ones.

Are Americans’ Lives Worth Less?

Thousands of fatal healthcare errors occur every week in America – 50% more than in other developed countries.  This is just too steep a price to pay for Top secret envelope concealing healthcare mistakes from patients & familiescontinuing neglect of patient safety and ongoing failure of medical ethics.

3,000 people died in one day of shocking attacks that left a nation reeling.

Yet that many die every week in America from healthcare neglect, inefficiency and callous disregard for patients’ safety when they’re at their most vulnerable.

But it’s all under the radar. No dramatic images are flashed across our TV screens to alert us to this threat.

We’re seldom told a fatal mistake even occurred.

In fact, we’re generally charged more for the extra resources required to recover from, and perhaps cover up, these healthcare mistakes.

A Failure of Medical Ethics

Withholding these mistakes from the affected patients and their families violates the American Medical Association’s Code of Ethics.  Yet it’s standard healthcare practice across America.

This makes it an unethical healthcare practice. But it’s one that’s baked into the everyday practice of medicine.

If you doubt any of this, you have only to read the FREE introductory chapter to Our Healthcare Sucks and decide for yourself.

 Can You Handle the Truth?

It boils down to the Introduction’s closing thought:Keeping one's head in the sand about healthcare risks is unwise

Can you handle the truth?

Not everyone can.

Many will prefer to remain oblivious, thinking that “what they don’t know can’t hurt them”.

Boy, are they ever wrong about that. 

This article is provided for educational and informational purposes only.
It does not constitute medical advice and should not be relied upon as such.

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