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Healthcare and Highways

American Healthcare’s Collision Course 

Healthcare in America is about more than just politics.

But what’s it got to do with highways-like the one in this 30-second video?

(Go ahead – watch it, it’s 30 seconds…and look out, Quentin Tarrantino)…


OK, so now to the question of what healthcare and highways have in common.

If you’re thinking the answer is lots of people on highways end up in hospitals, you get a partial credit. Highways can be dangerous places.

But highway fatalities in America have been steadily declining, while our rate of hospital deaths from medical mistakes remains stubbornly…astronomical.

What they have in common is they’re BOTH dangerous places, but your healthcare is actually far more dangerous than our highways.

Did He Really Say “Astronomical”?

Just compare the stats:

Unlike our highway fatalities – which have declined substantially over the years – our healthcare deaths aren’t significantly improving.

Here’s another relevant comparison:

If you text while you drive – or drive drunk – your chances of a fatal accident are obviously greatly increased.

And if you passively follow your doctors’ orders – knowing they’re often motivated by financial gain or fear of lawsuits – your chances of a fatal medical error are also greatly increased.

Need an Example?

Here’s a classic example for the “Doubting Thomases”…

Maybe you’ve heard of MRSA (mer-sa). It’s a staph infection that’s become common in not just hospitals and nursing homes, but outside hospitals as well.

It’s usually spread with physical contact – think health clubs, daycare centers, schools…you get the idea.

Studies show that those with a MRSA infection – including many who don’t realize they have it – are at SEVEN TIMES the risk of physical harm, and even death, Our healthcare is often like a highway accident about to happenfrom surgery as those without a MRSA infection.

Seven times.

Yet even though a simple nose swab would screen patients for this outsized risk, it’s seldom performed.

This kind of medical indifference to your very safety – your life – is, of course, appalling.

But it’s the norm in our current medical practice.

What do you think old Hippocrates – who cautioned doctors to “First, do no harm” – would think of all this?

“Let ’em Drive Drunk?”

Imagine if we did nothing to remove drunk drivers from our highways.

Wouldn’t this spark public outrage – and rightly so?

Yet most Americans aren’t even aware of these medical threats that kill up to ten times as many Americans every year as ALL car accidents, not just those caused by drunk drivers.

So What’s the Point?

The point is simple…highway construction sign saying "rough road ahead"

Don’t drive drunk…

Don’t text while you drive…

And don’t agree to medical interventions without doing your homework first.

Because they’re not harmless – they’re anything but. 

This article is provided for informational and educational purposes only.
It does not constitute medical advice and should not be relied upon as such.

Tell us below about your own experiences with medical mistakes.
Has anyone in your family been a victim (that you know of…)?

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