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Healthcare Jargon KILLS

Healthcare’s Dark Underbelly

They who control our healthcare language control the healthcare conversation – and your healthcare future as well.

Healthcare mistakes are often kept a secretOur Healthcare Sucks exposes the rampant decline in American medical ethics. Even the good doctors among us have been unable to correct this decline.

That’s partly due to their choice to preserve professional etiquette with language that obscures rather than enlightens. The true dangers facing many Americans subjected to unethical and dangerous medical practices are generally kept under wraps.

None wish to be perceived as immoderate or alarmist. Understatement is sanctioned and expected. Overstatement is considered gauche.

So our healthcare debate settles for terms like “inappropriate” and “unnecessary” medical tests and procedures. Yet some of those tests and procedures cause death and disease.

Wouldn’t terms like “life-threatening” and “ripoff” be more accurate?

The talk in healthcare instead is of “patient safety” – a reassuring term – rather than what it truly is: patient endangerment.

That’s right; the very healthcare profession we entrust to save our lives is often guilty of taking lives to fatten their wallets.

That may sound crude, but it’s much cruder in practice than it is in the telling.

Can You Say “Deadly” & “Bankrupt”?

There are much bigger concerns with America’s healthcare system than language.

It isn’t Our HealthcareSuck’s discussion of unethical practices in America’s healthcare system that’s “over-the-top”. It’s the unethical practices themselves that are over-the-top…

  • Healthcare is an industry, after all, that accounts for more documented fraud than all other industries in America combined – times FOUR!

  • Even worse, it’s responsible for causing the death of thousands of Americans every week – as many or more as died on 9/11. Every week!

Yet the default healthcare mindset for most Americans remains mired in a nostalgic and trusting past – oblivious to our current reality.

When family members die in hospitals, the default assumption is they died from their medical condition. The truth, however, is they often die from their medical treatment.

  • And both their doctors and hospitals have a financial conflict of interest about disclosing these medical mistakes for fear of being sued.

You don’t have to read the entire book to be convinced of the dangers this poses to you and your family – and to your financial assets.

Read just the Introduction (it’s FREE here) and you’ll recognize that continuing to invest unquestioning faith in your doctors and hospitals in today’s America is naïve in the extreme. Dangerously naïve.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t any honorable people left in the practice of medicine. But their ranks are declining along with their profession’s ethics.

Never before has the practice of medicine in America been as blatantly driven by greed and self-interest. And it’s leading us down a short path to financial insolvency.

Healthcare’s THREE STRIKES

Our Healthcare Sucks discusses three dominant practices in American medicine that each requires deceiving patients for their doctors’ own ends:

  • Physician self-referral  – This is when doctors buy ownership interests in medical facilities – hospitals, surgery and imaging centers, radiation therapy centers, in-office CT scanners – to profit from patients they refer for healthcare services;Healthcare abuses often include unneeded CT scans

  • “Unnecessary” tests and procedures  – These include highly-invasive (meaning dangerous) heart and spine surgeries, cardiac stent implants in people who don’t need them, and CT overuse that’s estimated to cause 29,000 cancers a year – about half of them fatal; and

  • Defensive medicine – This common healthcare practice – admitted to by over 90% of doctors surveyed – entails subjecting patients to hospitalizations, tests, and procedures to protect their doctors from potential malpractice claims. Meanwhile, malpractice claims are at their lowest levels in recorded history. Actual claims represent less than 1% of this huge over-reaction by American doctors as reflected in this often dangerous practice.

All of these healthcare practices are explicitly discouraged or outright prohibited by the American Medical Association’s own Code of Ethics. Hence the precise use of the term “unethical” to describe them.

YOU Make the Call

You get the idea. Read the book – or at least the FREE Introductory chapter – for a more in-depth appreciation of the magnitude of these healthcare crises in medical ethics and patient endangerment.

You’ll quickly see that it rejects politically correct jargon in favor of calling a spade a spade.

And the only things “over-the-top” about it are the outrageous medical practices it exposes and the financial ruin it’s causing across America – accounting for almost two out of three personal and family bankruptcies.

Don’t become one of these sorry statistics.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to get serious about your healthcare.


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This article is provided for informational and educational purposes only.
It does not constitute medical advice and should not be relied upon as such.

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