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Navigating America’s Broken Healthcare System

Following Doctor’s Orders (The following is excerpted from MedSmart Patients  – the next eBook in the MedSmart series that will be released shortly.) Most of our attention in America regarding our healthcare has been directed at Obamacare and its political opposite that would repeal it and replace it with more of a free-market and less […]

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Obamacare Overlooks “Soft Fraud” in American Healthcare

Obamacare Should Outlaw Doctor-Owned Services Obamacare remains a heated topic in this year’s election cycle, second only to “the economy and jobs” according to a report  this week in The New Journal of Medicine. But both Obamacare and the Republican alternative proposed by Governor Romney miss the boat on what may be America’s most crucial […]

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Medical Greed’s Newest Poster Boys

Greed Before Need If you’ve read Our Healthcare Sucks, you might think we’ve fully exhausted the examples of medical greed, unethical practices, and conflicts of interest in American medical practice. But we’re not done YET. And neither are our doctors, who keep inventing new and nefarious ways to separate you from your money. “Gimme More, […]

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Medical Malpractice – What Obamacare Misses

Capping Damages Isn’t Reform Medical malpractice in America remains a thorny and contentious issue, made no less so by its virtual exclusion from the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare) governing healthcare reform in America. Which is why I was glad to see the former head of President Obama’s Office of Management and Budget, Peter […]

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Healthcare Mistakes: Another 9/11 Every Week

Healthcare Lies & Deceit Having just had our eleventh remembrance of the horror of 9/11, it’s time to turn our attention to another horror that’s ongoing and very much beneath the radar. That’s the crisis of medical errors in American healthcare – a crisis that remains shrouded in lies and deceit. And these aren’t harmless […]

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Healthcare USA: Biased Research, Bogus Medicine: Part 2

Grow Some Backbone Spinal fusions are among the most physician-abused medical procedures in healthcare USA – vying for top spot with needless open heart surgeries and cardiac stent implants. Studies by the Dartmouth Atlas Project reveal that spinal fusion surgeries are performed in some parts of America at 20 times the rate in other parts of the […]

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Healthcare USA: Biased Research, Bogus Medicine – Part 1

Who Do YOU Trust? With our presidential election cycle now shifting into high gear – along with the heated rhetoric about healthcare reform in America, or “Obamacare” – it’s a good time to step back from the charges and counter-charges to ask what’s the real status of healthcare USA? If it’s really as ethically compromised […]

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Your Doctors’ Dirty Little Secret

What’s Up, Doc? It’s difficult for many of us to accept that our doctors often put their own financial interests ahead of our safety and financial security. Some readers may even get defensive about it – especially, of course, doctors themselves. Not all of them, of course. The good ones know this doesn’t apply to […]

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Redefining America’s Healthcare Crisis

Is Healthcare REALLY an American Crisis? The word “crisis” is much-abused in our media-saturated world. In America, we’ve got a jobs crisis, a housing crisis, an education crisis, a climate crisis…we’re overdosing on crises such that none of them scare us much any more. We somehow seem to survive all these crises, after all, so […]

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Diet Tip: Give Your Stomach a Rest

Never Eat at Night The final chapter in Our Healthcare Sucks notes the need for many Americans to “right-size” not just their healthcare consumption, but their diets as well. The table in that chapter comparing US obesity rates with other developed countries reinforces the urgency of this need for Americans who hope to get their […]

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