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Healthcare Crisis – Time to Grow a Pair: Part 3

U.S. Healthcare: Extreme Crises Demand Extreme Measures  We’ve been calling our healthcare spending “unsustainable” for so long it’s lost all meaning. It’s taken on a “chicken little” quality that undermines the severity of the crisis. That’s a problem, because the worst is yet to come – largely in the form of baby boomers entering their highest […]

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Chart of US healthcare spending

Healthcare Crisis – Time to Grow a Pair: Part 2

Healthcare’s An Industry Like No Other Healthcare is different from other industries. Doctors have a duty to put their patients’ interests before their own financial interests. The American Medical Association’s Code of Ethics requires it. Other industries have no such duty. Their primary duty is to maximize their shareholder profits. In that context, the “greed […]

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Healthcare Crisis -Time to Grow a Pair: Part 1

America’s Healthcare Industry is Out-of-Control With the Supreme Court decision on healthcare reform in the U.S. now behind us, it’s time to reassess our healthcare crisis for what it really is. The Supreme Court’s decision to allow the so-called Affordable Care Act to proceed – unless it’s repealed in the wake of November’s elections – […]

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Got Cancer? Too Bad.

Overdosing on Toxic Treatments It’d take a pretty heartless person to utter the title to this post. And yet that’s effectively what many doctors charged with treating cancer patients – oncologists – are saying to their cancer patients. This may come as a shock to some, but America’s medical profession is increasingly motivated to preserve […]

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America’s Health Scare System

Fear is the Answer What’s the question? What is it that’s driving our healthcare spending over a cliff – literally threatening to bankrupt the country and its citizenry? The answer is fear. Fear is a major driver of America’s healthcare spending crisis. And if you don’t think it’s a crisis – picture yourself paying three […]

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US map of hospital observation stays by state

Medicare Patients at Financial Risk as More Hospitals Game System

Think You’ll Be Safe on Medicare? Many Americans on Medicare or nearing their age of eligibility (65) are operating on old assumptions that threaten to hit them in the pocketbook. A recent study of hospital admitting practices by Brown University researchers published in Health Affairs (1) documented a massive 34% increase from 2007 to 2009 in the […]

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End-of-Life Care in America

Death-by-ICU This post introduces our free report – “Death-by-ICU: End-of-Life Care in America” (download copy here). End-of-Life care is a crucial issue for several reasons: Patients with end-stage disease will likely live longer without having their frail and vulnerable bodies subjected to the invasive trauma of fruitless surgeries and interventional procedures that very likely cause […]

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healthcare thieves loose in America

Tony Soprano, M.D.?

Healthcare Corruption Enough to Make a Mafia Boss Blush “You woke up this morning All the love has gone, Your Papa never told you About right and wrong.”                                                       […]

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Smarter Healthcare Choices

Our healthcare crisis in America is complicated. Fixing it for you and your family – or your business – won’t happen with simplistic answers like avoiding the healthcare system altogether (would that we could). That would be an irresponsible response to a complex crisis. But it IS a crisis – and aggressive action IS required […]

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An Aspirin or an Apple a Day?

Many adults struggling to be healthy take an aspirin every day or every other day to reduce their risk for heart disease and cancer. Others avoid it because it’s known to increase internal bleeding and your risk for life-threatening medical “events” like hemorrhagic strokes – the worst kind of stroke (cholesterol-lowering drugs also increase this […]

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