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Healthcare risks from medications spelled out with word "risk" on four red blocks

Medication Madness

Has Healthcare in America Reached Pharmageddon? The term “pharmageddon” was coined by healthcare industry experts grown increasingly concerned about the dominance of medications as physicians’ primary tool for managing disease. Here’s their definition: “Pharmageddon: The prospect of a world in […]

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pile of bodies from medical mistakes

Healthcare Reform: Is Access Enough? – Part 3

Healthcare Reform: Be Careful What You Wish For Healthcare reform in America is driven largely by the estimate that 44,000 Americans die every year due to lack of health insurance. Appalling as that number is, it pales in comparison to […]

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highway construction sign saying "rough road ahead"

Healthcare and Highways

American Healthcare’s Collision Course  Healthcare in America is about more than just politics. But what’s it got to do with highways-like the one in this 30-second video? (Go ahead – watch it, it’s 30 seconds…and look out, Quentin Tarrantino)…   […]

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healthcare consumers are drowning in America's sea of medical misspending

Affordable Health Insurance: An American Oxymoron

More Red Tape & More Self-Insurance Healthcare reform in America was enacted as the “Affordable Care Act”, but who’s kidding who? There’s nothing affordable about American healthcare – and it’s about to get much worse. That’s because our aging baby […]

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Healthcare Reform: Is Access Enough? – Part 2

Healthcare Reform: Overlooking the Obvious We don’t need to look abroad for models for effective healthcare reform. Nor is Massachusetts a valid prototype, as it fails to address the delivery of medical care. Instead, we have a homegrown solution that […]

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Weight loss will be needed to reduce medical costs for many Americans

WEIGHT LOSS: Too Much, Too Fast Increases Disease Risk

It’s no secret that America needs to lose weight. We lead the world in obesity. Nor are the reasons hard to find: The heavily processed & packaged Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) –  largely stripped of nutrients – promotes weight gain; […]

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women face difficult choices regarding childbirth

Contraception and the Other “C’ Word

Call it birth control or call it contraception – or maybe you prefer the term “family planning”. However you label it, the subject has come up for renewed debate and predictable controversy in this year’s election cycle. As uncomfortable as […]

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