healthcare consumers are drowning in America's sea of medical misspending

Affordable Health Insurance: An American Oxymoron

More Red Tape & More Self-Insurance Healthcare reform in America was enacted as the “Affordable Care Act”, but who’s kidding who? There’s nothing affordable about American healthcare – and it’s about to get much worse. That’s because our aging baby boomers are about to become senior boomers. And that’s likely to accelerate medical spending that’s […]

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Healthcare Reform: Is Access Enough? – Part 2

Healthcare Reform: Overlooking the Obvious We don’t need to look abroad for models for effective healthcare reform. Nor is Massachusetts a valid prototype, as it fails to address the delivery of medical care. Instead, we have a homegrown solution that shines: the Veterans Administration’s health system. It’s a model for how to turn around a […]

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Weight loss will be needed to reduce medical costs for many Americans

WEIGHT LOSS: Too Much, Too Fast Increases Disease Risk

It’s no secret that America needs to lose weight. We lead the world in obesity. Nor are the reasons hard to find: The heavily processed & packaged Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) –  largely stripped of nutrients – promotes weight gain; Many medications promote weight gain and America leads the world in drug consumption; Calorie consumption […]

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women face difficult choices regarding childbirth

Contraception and the Other “C’ Word

Call it birth control or call it contraception – or maybe you prefer the term “family planning”. However you label it, the subject has come up for renewed debate and predictable controversy in this year’s election cycle. As uncomfortable as I am – as a man – discussing something as innately feminine as birthing, the […]

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