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Obesity, Skinny – Fat & Disease

The Skinny on Skinny-Fat  This post picks up on a prior post (see “Belly Fat – the Enemy Within“) about the misleading nature of BMI (body mass Index) measurements. This includes press reports that encourage complacency among those with higher risks for disease than is currently perceived. One study of older adults with normal BMIs […]

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Belly Fat – The Enemy Within

Belly Fat May Be Worse Than Obesity The silly science behind the recent report that being overweight, including the excess belly fat that usually accompanies it, may not be much of a health threat after all was discussed in a previous post (see “Weight Loss Fallacies and Fraudulent Science“). This post seeks to draw your […]

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Resolve To Be Healthy in 2013

How Much Longer Can You Afford to NOT Be Healthy? Promoting healthy longevity requires proactive efforts to be healthy. This stands in stark contrast to the medical model of “disease prevention” that turns minor elevations in disease surrogates like cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar into pre-disease – increasing the legions of the “worried well”. […]

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