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Making Sense of Your Cholesterol Scores

The Cholesterol Conundrum Because aggressively reducing patients’ LDL cholesterol has failed to prevent many cardiovascular events, there’s been renewed effort over the past decade to find better ways to “risk-stratify” patients – especially those at “moderate risk” using the conventional […]

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Do Statins Fatten?

New Study Challenges Latest Statin Guidelines Statin drugs are the cholesterol-lowering darlings of contemporary medicine. So much so that fully half of men age 65-74 are prescribed them and one in four adults – both men and women – over […]

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Do Lifestyle Changes Really Matter?

New Study Asserts Drugs Over Lifestyle So here comes another flawed study – randomly-controlled and all, and published in The New England Journal of Medicine, no less – that purports to show that medications work better than lifestyle changes to […]

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