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Ten Little Known Facts About Managing Disease

Confusing Health & Healthcare¬† In Managing Disease Mainstream medicine has proven woefully inadequate at managing disease despite its relative success in treating urgent medical conditions with often life-saving results. This failure to better manage chronic medical conditions helps explain why 75% of America’s healthcare spending is for chronic medical conditions that are largely mismanaged. It’s […]

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Understanding Disease and Disease Risk

Thinking About Disease This post is about disease – not something we generally like to think about unless and until we’re diagnosed with one or another disease or precursor to disease. But there’s real value in thinking about the disease process that occurs in all of us before we’re hit with a diagnosis that may […]

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Navigating Medical Nuance – Disease, Un-ease & Uncertainty

Grappling With Medical Uncertainty¬† I’m now living in the land of medical uncertainty – as in waiting for lab test results for the eight polyps removed during my colonoscopy yesterday. We all experience this, sooner or later – first for loved ones, then for ourselves. It’s impossible not to consider your own mortality during such […]

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