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Medical Errors Start With Misdiagnoses

Medical Errors of Diagnosis Harm More Than Treatment Mistakes Another report on medical errors in America’s healthcare system cautions that these early-stage medical errors account for more medical harm – both preventable deaths and disability – than treatment errors. In this study, Johns Hopkins researchers reviewed 25 years of medical errors – reflected in medical malpractice payouts […]

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healthcare interventions all entail risks of injury

Coping With Our Broken Healthcare System

What’s the MedSmart Healthcare Solution? MedSmart Patients is about making better healthcare decisions. But the “Med” in “MedSmart” concerns not just medicine – where it stands for “Minimum Effective Dose” – but a modified “Mediterranean” diet and “Meditative” lifestyle as well. The companion volumes to MedSmart Patients – MedSmart Living and MedSmart Diet – will include […]

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