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For Your Healthcare, Forget Obamacare and Take Charge Yourself

When it comes to their healthcare, are patients too trusting – or too complacent? There’s a post by Richard Eskow on The Huffington Post today entitled “Healthcare’s Forgotten Crisis, Part 1: Families Can’t Afford Medical Care” that mirrors much of what I write about here, specifically how healthcare is increasingly unaffordable for many Americans and will […]

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table of healthcare conflicts of interest rooted in our payment system

Healthcare Myopia: Looking for Dr. Welby

Overcoming Resistance to Our Healthcare Reality Most Americans know our healthcare system is broken. Yet surveys show we continue to regard doctors more highly than virtually any other profession. In fact, the latest Gallup Poll data show that Americans’ trust their doctors’ honesty and high ethical standards. Their “approval ratings” on this count increased from […]

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Your Doctors’ Dirty Little Secret

What’s Up, Doc? It’s difficult for many of us to accept that our doctors often put their own financial interests ahead of our safety and financial security. Some readers may even get defensive about it – especially, of course, doctors themselves. Not all of them, of course. The good ones know this doesn’t apply to […]

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