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Hospital Charges and the Art of Obfuscation

Hospital Charges Even CFOs Can’t Explain It’s no secret that hospital charges in America are an indecipherable mess. Researchers at the Dartmouth Atlas Project – who I cite in Our Healthcare Sucks – have been documenting hospital charges and treatment disparities among hospitals and their medical staffs for decades. But this week’s announcement by theĀ U.S. […]

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Hospital Feeding Frenzy To Hire Docs

What Hospital-Physician Realignment Means For You If you’ve been hit with a hospital “facility fee” for a doctor’s office visit (see “Hospital Scams About To Explode“), you may not be happy to learn that similar medical bill padding lay in store for most Americans. That’s because the hottest thing in healthcare these days is hospitals […]

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Hospital Scams About To Explode

Hospital Facility Fees Facilitate Rip-Offs You may not think you use hospitals very much, but you’re about to pay more for them whether you ever set foot inside one or not. While the nation remains focused on preparatory measures for Obamacare’s implementation next year (see Trisha Torrey’s excellent summation of related issues here), America’s hospitals […]

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