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Can Medical Marijuana Save America?

The Economic Case for Medical Marijuana What does medical marijuana have to do with America’s economic future, you ask? More than you might think – if we can ever get beyond the obligatory bong jokes and adolescent snickering (seriously, most of the top YouTube videos about medical marijuana are heavy on the “marijuana” and really […]

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Medical Marijuana and Doctors’ Head-In-The-Sand View

Medical Marijuana Deserves More Medical Respect I’ve written before about medical marijuana and the paradox of physician resistance to it while readily embracing far more dangerous opioid medications. The Doctor’s Channel – a video website for physicians – currently has an explanation by medical cannabis expert Martin Lee of the challenge America’s doctors face in […]

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Medical Marijuana and Pain Reconciliation

Medical Marijuana Musings – It’s Painfully Clear Medical marijuana remains controversial despite its well-documented safety and efficacy for a broad range of medical conditions. The focus here, however, is the powerful role it could play in managing one of our most intractable healthcare problems – chronic pain that affects an estimated one-third of Americans. The […]

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