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Misplaced Medical Trust

Medicine’s Double-Edged Sword The following is excerpted from MedSmart Patients – the next eBook in the MedSmart series soon to be released. “Be scared. You can’t help that.                                        But don’t be afraid.”                                                             William Faulkner Assume you’re handed a medical diagnosis that could be a death sentence. What’s your reaction? If you’re like most people, you’re […]

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Are America’s Healthcare Patients Too Trusting?

MedSmart Patients Are Skeptics One of the “take-home” lessons of MedSmart Patients is that much of healthcare practice – experts estimate as much as 80%[1] – has no evidence to support it. This helps explain why almost half of U.S. medical care is considered unnecessary, sub-standard and inappropriate.[2] It may also explain why medical errors […]

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