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Medicare Physician Payments and Medical Errors

Medicare Over-Payments & Medical Errors Much is being made this week of the public release of physician-specific Medicare payments. Given that this has been legally prohibited for many decades by legal proceedings initiated by physicians, the backlash from physicians is […]

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Medical Errors Start With Misdiagnoses

Medical Errors of Diagnosis Harm More Than Treatment Mistakes Another report on medical errors in America’s healthcare system cautions that these early-stage medical errors account for more medical harm – both preventable deaths and disability – than treatment errors. In this study, […]

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Right Knee, Wrong Knee – Avoiding Medical Errors

When Medical Errors Hit Home You need to listen to this little story about medical errors because it could very well save you – or a loved one – from unnecessary pain and exorbitant expense. My roots on this journey […]

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Healthcare mistakes are often kept a secret

Healthcare Jargon KILLS

Healthcare’s Dark Underbelly They who control our healthcare language control the healthcare conversation – and your healthcare future as well. Our Healthcare Sucks exposes the rampant decline in American medical ethics. Even the good doctors among us have been unable […]

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