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Right Knee, Wrong Knee – Avoiding Medical Errors

When Medical Errors Hit Home [ez_date] You need to listen to this little story about medical errors because it could very well save you – or a loved one – from unnecessary pain and exorbitant expense. My roots on this journey to realizing that our healthcare sucks date back to the 1970’s when I was […]

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healthcare interventions all entail risks of injury

Coping With Our Broken Healthcare System

What’s the MedSmart Healthcare Solution? MedSmart Patients is about making better healthcare decisions. But the “Med” in “MedSmart” concerns not just medicine – where it stands for “Minimum Effective Dose” – but a modified “Mediterranean” diet and “Meditative” lifestyle as well. The companion volumes to MedSmart Patients – MedSmart Living and MedSmart Diet – will include […]

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Misplaced Medical Trust

Medicine’s Double-Edged Sword The following is excerpted from MedSmart Patients – the next eBook in the MedSmart series soon to be released. “Be scared. You can’t help that.                                        But don’t be afraid.”                                                             William Faulkner [ez_date] Assume you’re handed a medical diagnosis that could be a death sentence. What’s your reaction? If you’re like most people, […]

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Healthcare mistakes are often kept a secret

Healthcare Jargon KILLS

Healthcare’s Dark Underbelly They who control our healthcare language control the healthcare conversation – and your healthcare future as well. Our Healthcare Sucks exposes the rampant decline in American medical ethics. Even the good doctors among us have been unable to correct this decline. That’s partly due to their choice to preserve professional etiquette with […]

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Obamacare Overlooks “Soft Fraud” in American Healthcare

Obamacare Should Outlaw Doctor-Owned Services Obamacare remains a heated topic in this year’s election cycle, second only to “the economy and jobs” according to a report  this week in The New Journal of Medicine. But both Obamacare and the Republican alternative proposed by Governor Romney miss the boat on what may be America’s most crucial […]

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Medical Greed’s Newest Poster Boys

Greed Before Need If you’ve read Our Healthcare Sucks, you might think we’ve fully exhausted the examples of medical greed, unethical practices, and conflicts of interest in American medical practice. But we’re not done YET. And neither are our doctors, who keep inventing new and nefarious ways to separate you from your money. “Gimme More, […]

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Healthcare USA: Biased Research, Bogus Medicine: Part 2

Grow Some Backbone Spinal fusions are among the most physician-abused medical procedures in healthcare USA – vying for top spot with needless open heart surgeries and cardiac stent implants. Studies by the Dartmouth Atlas Project reveal that spinal fusion surgeries are performed in some parts of America at 20 times the rate in other parts of the […]

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Healthcare USA: Biased Research, Bogus Medicine – Part 1

Who Do YOU Trust? With our presidential election cycle now shifting into high gear – along with the heated rhetoric about healthcare reform in America, or “Obamacare” – it’s a good time to step back from the charges and counter-charges to ask what’s the real status of healthcare USA? If it’s really as ethically compromised […]

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