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Diet Healthy With The Healthiest Diet on the Planet

Diet Healthy For a Longer Life It’s a lot easier to find another fad diet than it is to diet healthy. As noted in my last post about the ways that obesity ages you faster (“5 Ways Obesity Ages You Fast“), there’s no disputing the direct and causal link between obesity and disease. There’s also […]

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Vitamin D – How Much Is Too Much?

How Much Vitamin D Should YOU Be Taking? Vitamin D may now be the most hyped vitamin supplement on the internet, which means we should assess it very carefully before jumping on the vitamin D bandwagon. That may sound like a pretty safe statement to you, but some of the vitamin’s most ardent supporters – […]

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Weight loss will be needed to reduce medical costs for many Americans

WEIGHT LOSS: Too Much, Too Fast Increases Disease Risk

It’s no secret that America needs to lose weight. We lead the world in obesity. Nor are the reasons hard to find: The heavily processed & packaged Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) –  largely stripped of nutrients – promotes weight gain; Many medications promote weight gain and America leads the world in drug consumption; Calorie consumption […]

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