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Navigating Medical Nuance – Disease, Un-ease & Uncertainty

Grappling With Medical Uncertainty  I’m now living in the land of medical uncertainty – as in waiting for lab test results for the eight polyps removed during my colonoscopy yesterday. We all experience this, sooner or later – first for […]

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Hospital Scams About To Explode

Hospital Facility Fees Facilitate Rip-Offs You may not think you use hospitals very much, but you’re about to pay more for them whether you ever set foot inside one or not. While the nation remains focused on preparatory measures for […]

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table of healthcare conflicts of interest rooted in our payment system

Healthcare Myopia: Looking for Dr. Welby

Overcoming Resistance to Our Healthcare Reality Most Americans know our healthcare system is broken. Yet surveys show we continue to regard doctors more highly than virtually any other profession. In fact, the latest Gallup Poll data show that Americans’ trust […]

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Are America’s Healthcare Patients Too Trusting?

MedSmart Patients Are Skeptics One of the “take-home” lessons of MedSmart Patients is that much of healthcare practice – experts estimate as much as 80%[1] – has no evidence to support it. This helps explain why almost half of U.S. […]

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Doctors’ Irresponsible Anti-Fat Bias

Doctors’ Anti-Fat Bias Costs Us Dearly A recently published  study compared doctors’ attitudes toward obese patients with the general population’s attitudes toward obesity and found no difference between the two. As the study concluded, “Weight bias among medical doctors is […]

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Medical Malpractice – What Obamacare Misses

Capping Damages Isn’t Reform Medical malpractice in America remains a thorny and contentious issue, made no less so by its virtual exclusion from the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare) governing healthcare reform in America. Which is why I was […]

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Redefining America’s Healthcare Crisis

Is Healthcare REALLY an American Crisis? The word “crisis” is much-abused in our media-saturated world. In America, we’ve got a jobs crisis, a housing crisis, an education crisis, a climate crisis…we’re overdosing on crises such that none of them scare […]

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pile of bodies from medical mistakes

Healthcare Reform: Is Access Enough? – Part 3

Healthcare Reform: Be Careful What You Wish For Healthcare reform in America is driven largely by the estimate that 44,000 Americans die every year due to lack of health insurance. Appalling as that number is, it pales in comparison to […]

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Healthcare Reform: Is Access Enough? – Part 2

Healthcare Reform: Overlooking the Obvious We don’t need to look abroad for models for effective healthcare reform. Nor is Massachusetts a valid prototype, as it fails to address the delivery of medical care. Instead, we have a homegrown solution that […]

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