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Patient Engagement Improves Safety and Quality of Care – For SOME

Patient Engagement Helps Doctors Provide Better Care There are a couple of interesting and seemingly unrelated articles in the May 2013 issue of Health Leaders magazine that address patient engagement at entirely different levels and with entirely divergent results. The first (“Opening Up to Patients“) is about the 12-month trial of the OpenNotes program in […]

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Patient, Heal Thyself – Because “Patient Engagement” is Unlikely

Patient Engagement Will Follow The Money “Patient activation” is the new buzzword threatening to replace “patient engagement” – long before many patients have actually been, you know, engaged. Apparently, we no longer bother to to wait for our terminology to take on meaning before we feel compelled to replace it. As it stands, neither term […]

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Medical Uncertainty & Patient Engagement

Medical Lessons From The Trenches So I got the lab results for that colonoscopy exam I discussed in last week’s post (see “Navigating Medical Uncertainty – Disease, Un-ease & Uncertainty“). And while they weren’t a completely clean bill of health, they could have been much worse as well. Having gone on the record about this […]

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