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Is Your Doctor On the Take – or On the Make?

Doctors’ Profits Drive Many Treatment Choices The latest edition of The New England Journal of Medicine  (NEJM) reports on a study comparing the use of expensive Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) for early-stage prostate cancer by doctors owning their own IMRT equipment with those who don’t. This practice of physicians buying expensive technologies for their group practices […]

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Selling Cancer Screenings With Meaningless Survival Rates

Cancer Mortality Trumps Survival Rates A recent article in MedPage Today reported on a study in the BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal) about the misconception common among Americans that we have superior 5-year survival rates for most cancers. This, in turn, is thought to justify our aggressive approach to cancer screenings. Given that Obamacare heightens this perception by […]

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Obesity and Cancer

Obesity Increases Cancer Risk and Severity The association between obesity and cancer is less well understood and appreciated by both doctors and the general public than the better known links between obesity and cardiovascular disease and diabetes. According to a review of cancer developments regarding obesity and cancer in an oncology newsletter, there are several […]

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