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Beyond Cholesterol – Part 2

The CVD Trio As noted in Part 1 of this 3-part series – Making Sense of Your Cholesterol Scores – cholesterol measures alone have been insufficient for predicting and preventing cardiovascular events like heart attack and stroke. Over half of these occur in people with normal cholesterol levels. As a result, researchers continue to look […]

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Vitamin D Research Raises New Questions

Vitamin D Not A Silver Bullet After All?  A recent study by Johns Hopkins researchers finding that there is indeed an upper level of benefit with vitamin D blood levels is likely to put vitamin D proponents in quite a snit. Actually, I’m a vitamin D proponent as well – I supplement with it daily […]

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Vitamin D – How Much Is Too Much?

How Much Vitamin D Should YOU Be Taking? Vitamin D may now be the most hyped vitamin supplement on the internet, which means we should assess it very carefully before jumping on the vitamin D bandwagon. That may sound like a pretty safe statement to you, but some of the vitamin’s most ardent supporters – […]

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