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MedSmart Members logo    Our Healthcare Sucks is a publication of MedSmart Members LLC –

a health education publisher and online consumer community devoted to…

  • Learning – Consumer – focused health education and training to help you make smarter medical and lifestyle decisions – including “deep learning” of pervasive treatment threats & lifestyle opportunities;

  • Sharing – Social interaction is proven to…

    • Improve learning and retention;two figures reading a book together

    • Support proactive medical and lifestyle behaviors;

    • Encourage mutual support in sticking with more independent medical decisions and healthier lifestyle choices – the weakest link in all self-improvement efforts; and

  • Doing – Knowledge without action is wasted. Sprinkled throughout MedSmart Members’ content are action links to best-of-breed suppliers of products and services being discussed. MedSmart Members has no financial or other ties to these suppliers, so you can be sure there’s no financial motivations for any MedSmart links or recommendations.

Our Founders & Mission

Founding members of MedSmart Members are John Lynch – author of Our Healthcare Sucks and the MedSmart series of eBooks and special reports – and his wife Liz, a nurse with very MedSmart ways. More information on Mr. Lynch’s extensive background in healthcare is available here.

Our vision for MedSmart Members is that of a caring and vibrant community of motivated patients, consumers and conscientious health professionals committed to helping one another become smarter medical consumers and live healthier lives to reduce their dependence on the medical system altogether.

RETHINK Your Priorities

This requires some time away from the hectic pace of surfing the web, checking emails, and maintaining your online social contacts. These are figure with large red question markembedded in today’s online culture, but they also make it difficult to absorb all the information overload that goes with it.

MedSmart Members is about stepping back and rethinking your real needs for both health insurance and medical services themselves.

This is essential because American consumers will soon be responsible for a majority of their medical costs – and because more Americans die from medical mistakes every week than died on 9/11.

These each represent a crisis and a threat to your future in their own right. Combined, they’re the single greatest threat to your family’s physical and financial well-being.

This is the impetus behind MedSmart Members – and it’s an idea whose time has clearly come.

Don’t Deny This Crisis OR Defer Needed Care

But there’s a real risk that most people will simply fall victim to the default position we’re already witnessing among those with high-deductible health insurance…

  • Deferring or denying themselves and their family services they truly need, while…

  • Remaining victims of unethical doctors anxious to sell them even pricier services they don’t truly need.

This is America’s dominant medical reality – and it’s only going to get worse as more healthcare costs are shifted to employees and self-insured consumers. This trend is irreversible. It’s what’s behind our projection of a TRIPLING in your family’s medical costs over the next ten years – far outpacing any other expense item.

If more Americans got as outraged about this financial threat as they do about taxes – a fraction of this threat to their family’s finances – maybe we’d see REAL reforms…the kind needed to reverse the two dominant threats facing us today:

Medical mistakes & Medical bankruptcy

But don’t hold your breath. The money is in maintaining the status quo, not in changing it. Behind-the-scenes corporate funding of phony “grass roots” movements to protect the status quo is more likely than efforts to change what really needs changing in our crippled healthcare system.

Which means it’s up to YOU.

Making Time for What’s TRULY Important   

The only way to avoid, or mitigate,  the financial implosion our healthcare system is leading us to…is to LEARN – as best you can – how to tell what you really need for healthcare services from what’s mostly meant to fatten the coffers of your doctors and hospitals.Street signs for failure and success

This will take some effort, but what’s worth doing that doesn’t?

If you want to survive this financial tsunami, you’ll have to start MAKING time for what’s actually most crucial to your family’s future.

Of course there’s some effort required to develop the lifelong commitment you’ll need to survive our dismal medical – and financial – future.

And as the breast cancer example below shows, there are no guarantees.

You may end up doing yourself more harm than good if you’re motivated more by fear than common sense.

Putting FEAR in Perspective

Being more proactive in meeting your healthcare needs isn’t enough. In fact, it can prove counterproductive if it’s driven by fear.

The Introduction to MedSmart Patients uses early stage breast cancer as an example where patients making their own treatment decisions were found to be even more aggressive than their surgeons in electing double mastectomies as  a preventive measure.

And while it’s true that one-in-eight women eventually are diagnosed with breast cancer, only one-in-fifty die from it. Women’s risk of dying from heart disease far exceeds their risk of dying from breast cancer. This misconception about breast cancer risk obviously contributes to such treatment overreactions.

Knowledge gives you perspective to better manage your fears because most Americans simply won’t be able to afford what awaits them with their expanding share of escalating medical bills.

Which adds a new fear to the mix…

Our seemingly unlimited appetite for medical attention is about to confront our increasingly limited family budgets.

For many, it already has. Medical bills are driving more families in America into bankruptcy than all other reasons combined – by two to one!

And guess what?

Three out of four of THEM already HAD health insurance. They’re going bankrupt because their health insurance left them responsible for more medical costs than they literally could afford to pay.

Medical Fraud & Deception

The fact that the healthcare industry is responsible for the most financial fraud of all other industries in America combined  – and this time by four-to-one – only rubs salt in the wound.

It’s bad enough to watch friends and neighbors driven into bankruptcy because of medical bills, but realizing that a large portion of that is due to fraudulent medical activity, often by their very own doctors and hospitals, makes it especially offensive.

And with continued cost-shifting of medical expenses to patients and consumers from all quarters – employers, insurers, state and federal governments – only those who see the handwriting on the wall and act now to prevent their own families from such a fate are likely to remain financially solvent despite our corrupted and dysfunctional medical system.

figure with hand up indicating "no"There are ways to fight back – and they all involve you learning some things. And none of it’s rocket science, or  brain surgery.

Some doctors will tell you that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. There are plenty of obvious examples, however, where a little more knowledge would save patients and their families from needless procedures – and needless medical bills.

In far too many cases, if patients knew just a few basic facts about the procedures being recommended to them – facts that are often withheld from them to encourage procedures that often aren’t needed – then a “little knowledge” might prevent a “dangerous thing” from happening.

And if more of us thought strategically about our actual health insurance needs, we’d avoid overpaying for the false peace of mind that some health insurance products provide. Surviving these next few years of exploding healthcare costs in America will mean searching out those unnecessary insurance costs, as well as unnecessary medical costs themselves.

You don’t need to go to medical school for this. But you do need to devote some time and energy to it – very likely a minor fraction of the time and attention you devote to your cell phone, social network, or favorite TV shows.

It takes a commitment, but it’s a relatively modest one – and one that’s likely to yield a powerful “return on investment” in avoided medical bills and treatment injury; one any good CEO would be proud of.

Becoming CEO of the Rest of Your Life

And that’s the idea behind MedSmart Members – to help you Become CEO of the Rest of Your Life.

Once we launch our membership model, we’ll do this by providing you with the carefully researched and unbiased information – and links to additional sources of such quality information and the tools to act on what you learn – you’ll need to make the most informed medical decisions for you and your family.

The core of this eLearning platform will be the chapters from the MedSmart consumer health series of books and reports (see our Books), with supplemental materials to enhance your eLearning experience.

This will help you “close the information gap” that’s exploited by lies of omission common in medical practice today, but you have to find the motivation – or, more correctly, CREATE the motivation – to get started (here’s a free chapter adapted from MedSmart Living and MedSmart Diet about CREATING Motivation if that’s a problem for you or a loved one).

We’ll be launching our membership model soon and encourage you to get on our waiting list if this interests you.

“One must never look to the things that ought to change.

The main question is how we change ourselves.”  C.J. Jung

We encourage you to become a MedSmart Member and commit to setting aside the time – a half-hour or an hour a week, or more if you choose – to engage in the kind of “deep learning” needed to…

  • Reassess your true health insurance and healthcare needs and

  • Reposition your own role in meeting them at less cost, and less risk, than a profit-driven and deceptive medical system that’s slowly bankrupting America, its families and businesses.figure holding a blue membership card

There’s a desperate need for better approaches: The MedSmart System will offer our members an eLearning platform, online community, and self-help tools to forge a saner, safer and more solvent future.

It starts with getting better educated about your true medical needs and whether they’re actually being met with your current medical arrangements.

And it ends – if you stick with it – by being a better-informed, more engaged and less fearful patient better able to assume the greater role in your family’s medical future that’s essential to survive our deepening healthcare crisis.

Become a MedSmart Member and get started on an exciting – and often alarming – journey of discovery and empowerment that will give you and your family the kind of control over your healthcare – and your finances – you’re currently missing.


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