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Will your doctors leave you bankrupt?

In America’s healthcare system, the odds are pretty good they will. This timely book helps you understand how and why – and what you can do about it before it bankrupts you and your family.

American healthcare causes more family bankruptcies – and unnecessary deaths – than any other cause.

That’s a crisis by any standard. Yet it’s completely missing from the heated debate about health reform.

Your healthcare should be about YOU, not your doctors’ incomes

Like Nero, our political class is fiddling around with health reform while Rome is burning around them.

And in case you haven’t noticed, Medicare as we know it isn’t likely to be around to bail you out. Efforts to weaken Medicare will likely succeed given America’s debt burden.

This is one crisis that isn’t going away.

Our Healthcare Sucks was written by a former healthcare CEO who founded a company – Medical Diagnostics, Inc. – that twice ranked among Business Week‘s “Best Small Companies” in America.

This alarming book represents a decade’s research into what’s REALLY wrong with our healthcare system…& health reform has little to do with it.

What readers are saying…”The DEFINITIVE book/critique on the American health care system disaster.” – Tim L.

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Here’s what Dr. Marcia Angell, former editor-in-chief of The New England Journal of Medicine™, had to say about medical practice in America.

“Healthcare is (about) maximizing income, not maximizing health.”

The heated political debate over health reform is mostly a giant distraction from our biggest health concerns as Americans. MedSmart Members is publishing Our Healthcare Sucks to empower you to find your own solutions.

Because government answers won’t make much difference when they’re not even debating the real problem.

         The Problem’s Not Just Pricey Health Insurance –
We Don’t Know When to Say No to Our Doctors

Our health insurance is so costly because Americans use twice as much medical care as we actually need. Much of this is due to doctors padding bills with excess tests and procedures to fatten their incomes.

The question is…which half should you be rejecting? And why is this going on in the first place?

Our Healthcare Sucks explores the complex and unsavory factors driving our medical excesses. These include the corporate takeover of medical research and patients demanding drugs they see advertized on TV (only one other country allows this).

But it’s the growing ranks of unscrupulous doctors exploiting patients’ ignorance of their true medical needs that’s at the root of our medical mayhem.

These range from dangerous surgeries and procedures that patients don’t need to over-medication that often causes more harm than good.

Our Healthcare Sucks will help you balance treatment risks and benefits – and spot the medical scams and rip offs.

What readers are saying…”PLEASE send a copy to all U.S. Senators and Congresspeople.” – Eileen K.

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A Failure of Medical Ethics…

The book documents how these common medical misdeeds violate our doctors’ Code of Ethics. This confirms the book’s well-documented conclusion that much of America’s medical over-spending is unethical.

These abusive practices are well-known in medical circles. But they seldom find their way into the mainstream media, so they’re largely invisible to the general public.

Yet it’s more important than ever that patients and consumers get smarter about these deceptive practices.  That’s because with high-deductible health insurance increasingly common, you’ll pay for more of these abusive practices out of your own pocket.

This explains why medical bills account for almost twice as many family bankruptcies in America as all other causes combined. And 3 out of 4 of these families already HAD health insurance.

This means expanding access to insurance under health reform won’t be the cure-all its advocates imagine.

And in case you’re wondering about the validity of this  analysis, the sources it relies upon aren’t “alternative medicine” gurus, but the most respected medical journals and other credible sources – like those cited next.

…That’s Taking Us to the Cleaners

Health reform will disappoint because it fails to confront the basic drivers of our medical over-spending.

There are other developed countries with sophisticated medical systems. And they manage to produce better treatment results at much lower cost – as seen in this first chart.

Why has medical spending ballooned so out of proportion only in America?

Look at the spending “bubble” created by America’s doctors – represented by the top trend line in green – compared to other developed countries in the other colors (Source: OECD Health Data – Frequently Requested Health Data 2009).

Now take a look at this second chart showing the growth in retractions of medical research due to fraud and error in American healthcare.

This is from a paper published in the Journal of Medical Ethics. The sky-rocketing blue line is retracted studies in relation to the published research in the green bars.

Can you seriously believe there’s no connection – that they’re not each symptoms of both growing incompetence and deceptive medical practices?

If so, how long can you afford to indulge such naivety?

What readers are saying…”A very serious and ‘right on’ book…witty, concise and insightful.” – Regine M.

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Your Eroding Health Insurance

Americans are facing a future of increasing self – insurance. This includes higher co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance – where you pay an (uncapped) percentage of your medical bills and not just a (capped) deductible amount.

As a result, you and your family will pay an increasing share of our out-of-control spending to subsidize these unsavory practices – and the lifestyles of the growing ranks of  doctors who practice this way.

As a result of aggressive shifting of medical costs to patients and consumers, your healthcare costs – insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs – will TRIPLE over the next decade.

This isn’t just the government’s problem, or your employer’s problem.

This is YOUR problem.

And a tripling of your current healthcare costs over the next ten years is more than a problem – it’s a crisis.

There’s More to Lose Than Your Money

In short, you simply can’t afford to keep playing checkers while your doctors are playing chess.

But it’s not only about the money. Your very life – or that of a loved one – may be at stake.

It’s well-known defensive medicine is now the norm for American doctors. And defensive medicine considers you a potential legal opponent first and a patient only second.

This means you have a good chance of being hospitalized to protect your doctor from a potential lawsuit, not to protect you or your family member.

Hospitals are dangerous places. And they’re getting even more so with common staph infections that resist antibiotics and nursing cutbacks that threaten patient safety.

Of course, you’re never told these things. Just like many patients getting elective open heart surgery aren’t told the surgery isn’t truly an emergency nor is it likely to extend their lives.

And just like patients with osteoarthritis aren’t told that even the surgical society finds no value in arthroscopic surgery of their knees.  Yet over a million are performed every year.

There’s No Nice Way to Put This

These unsuspecting patients are being scammed by their doctors in a selfish and dangerous pattern Our Healthcare Sucks calls “predatory medicine”.

And it’s increasingly common across America.

Not disclosing mistakes to patients is another common lie of omission that violates the American Medical Association’s Code of Ethics – yet it’s also routine in American medicine.

Our medical spending – along with the incomes of many specialists – is fraudulently inflated by these deceptive practices.

And if you live in one of the “rip off” or “watch-your-wallet” states identified in Our Healthcare Sucks, your odds of being exploited are greater still.

None of this is surprising in what’s been documented – and described in this book  – as  “The most corrupt industry in America” – and by a very long shot.

Dr. Victor Montori of the Mayo Clinic had this to say…

“Healthcare has become just another industry…We need a revolution.”

Dr. Montori’s conclusion is correct, but understated. Healthcare isn’t “just another industry”.

Because doctors are held to a higher moral standard than other industries. Their mistakes and their corruption can cause far more damage than that of other industries…

  • These aren’t just ethical failings – they have human consequences;

  • These aren’t harmless white lies – they’re often deadly lies of omission;

  • They’re costly financially as well – leading America to the brink of insolvency.

If ever a situation cried out for a “revolution”, this is it.

Don’t worry if you find some of this hard to accept.  It’s hard  to grasp that those you rely on to save your life may instead be a threat to your very safety… and to your family finances as well.

Start your own revolution HERE…

What readers are saying…”Comprehensive & compelling…practical & sound advice for medical consumers.” – Eileen K.

What a Dilemma!

This poses a real dilemma – and a potentially life-threatening one at that.

Do you simply avoid our fragmented and fraudulent medical system altogether or blindly “follow doctor’s orders” and hope you’re not the next victim?

And can you AFFORD to follow your doctors’ often self-serving orders when your healthcare costs are likely to TRIPLE over the next ten years?

Our Healthcare Sucks can help you read the handwriting on the wall and avoid being victimized by the financial implosion in our healthcare that’s fast approaching.

Everyone knows it, but no one seems able to stop it.

That’s Why Our Healthcare Sucks was Written

Our Healthcare Sucks gives you knowledge, tools and support to stop it yourself, at least for you and your family.

It represents a decade’s research into what’s really behind America’s explosion in medical spending and neglect of patient safety.

This in-depth analysis of how our medical system has lost its morals – and its mission – will shock many with its no-holds-barred style and well-documented conclusions you won’t see in the mainstream media.

According to John Lynch, the book’s author…

“We’ve been focusing on the wrong issues and ignoring the 800-pound gorilla in the room…

“Deceptive medical practices like…

  • Specialists performing unnecessary procedures to pad their incomes,

  • Doctors investing to profit from excess tests and procedures, and

  • Defensive medicine itself…

“Instead of confronting these abuses, we’re just shifting costs for this misbehavior to employees & the self-insured…

“This will bankrupt even more families as out-of-pocket medical costs TRIPLE over the next decade.”

Our Healthcare Sucks is a “wake-up call” for patients and consumers to watch for these deceptive medical practices.

What If I Don’t LOVE It?

Not to worry. Nothing works for everyone. If you don’t love it, let us know within 30 days and we’ll return your money.

You take enough risks with your healthcare. We want to reduce, not increase, them – so this is a risk-free transaction.

If you’re not learning…

  • How to avoid exploitation by doctors and hospitals;

  • How to reduce your risk for medical errors;

  • How to take charge of your own healthcare – to take the helm yourself…

…then ask and you’ll receive a full refund – no questions asked.

Because we don’t just want you to buy a book. We want you to become an enthusiastic contributor at OurHealthcareSucks.com.  Book sales help make these efforts self-sustaining.

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“Outside-the-Box” Solutions

These bonuses typify MedSmart Members’ approach of helping you find “outside-the-box” solutions to America’s crippling medical bills.

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You don’t owe your doctors a fancy lifestyle, after all.

They owe YOU and your family an honest approach to your medical needs and that’s harder to find every day in America.

It’s time that changed.

And with the right education, tools, and support – like those offered by MedSmart Members – you can change it for you and your family.

It starts by reading Our Healthcare Sucks’ eye-opening analysis of the lies and deception behind America’s broken medical system  and what you can do about it!

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