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This Health Insurance Trap Could Cost You Plenty

Health Insurance Alert: Out-of-Network Rip-Offs [ez_date] Much has been made in the health insurance debate surrounding Obamacare of the growing reliance by health insurers on “narrow networks” of doctors and hospitals willing to accept their discounted payments as a means of keeping healthcare costs under control. This trend preceded Obamacare, but has accelerated as insurers […]

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The Problem With Medicare Isn’t Medicare – Part 2

The Ryan/AMA Medicare Plan Would Accelerate Healthcare Spending It’s not that Medicare is less efficient than private insurers – as the Ryan/AMA plan for Medicare vouchers assumes; quite the opposite, in fact. Which means that dumping future Medicare enrollees into a fragmented and inherently less efficient private insurance system would only compound the problem of unaffordable healthcare […]

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The Problem With Medicare Isn’t Medicare

Medicare, The AMA & Paul Ryan…Oh My! Medicare has always been a political football – and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) kept it alive as such yesterday. His latest budget proposal includes (surprise!) unravelling Obamacare and instituting the Medicare vouchers that voters rejected in last fall’s presidential election. This is designed to perpetuate the political controversy […]

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Health Insurance Squeezing Your Family Budget?

Health Insurance Isn’t Just Washington’s Concern After all the high-profile media attention paid to the health insurance politics of Obamacare, many Americans have been lulled into thinking of healthcare costs as a political football with little direct impact on their own lives. This will change for those newly-required to purchase health insurance starting next January […]

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Ten Reasons Why Your Health Insurance and Healthcare Cost Too Much

Reassessing Your Health Insurance and Healthcare Needs [ez_date] Healthcare in America, including health insurance, costs up to twice as much as other developed countries. Here’s why… We use twice as much medical care as we need – largely due to deceptive medical “bill-padding”; Our healthcare system is fragmented and poorly coordinated, earning a shoddy 51% […]

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Health Insurance or Self-Insurance?

TRIPLING Your Healthcare Costs? Health insurance premiums are consuming a growing share of Americans’ income. This promises to grow even faster as millions of baby boomers become “senior boomers” and use far more medical services. Over 30 million newly-insured Americans under health reform will cause further spikes in medical spending. This will prove especially true […]

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Health Insurance in America

Time to Call a Spade [kc_heading_pac_18_background_1 size=”50″ color=”#ffffff” ]a Spade[/kc_heading_pac_18_background_1] [ez_date] Health insurance in America won’t get any cheaper due to healthcare reform, or Obamacare as it’s come to be known. Premiums may increase even faster, as they did initially in Massachusetts – the only state with a prototype for healthcare reform. Yet many American […]

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America’s Medicare Spending Spree

This post about Medicare and the medical greed behind its unsustainable costs – the most retweeted of the MedSmarts blog – was first published on August 1, 2012 but was deleted when the site was hacked in late August. While the election negates the concern about voucherizing Medicare from the Oval Office, the AMA’s recent […]

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US map of hospital observation stays by state

Medicare Patients at Financial Risk as More Hospitals Game System

Think You’ll Be Safe on Medicare? Many Americans on Medicare or nearing their age of eligibility (65) are operating on old assumptions that threaten to hit them in the pocketbook. A recent study of hospital admitting practices by Brown University researchers published in Health Affairs (1) documented a massive 34% increase from 2007 to 2009 in the […]

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healthcare consumers are drowning in America's sea of medical misspending

Affordable Health Insurance: An American Oxymoron

More Red Tape & More Self-Insurance Healthcare reform in America was enacted as the “Affordable Care Act”, but who’s kidding who? There’s nothing affordable about American healthcare – and it’s about to get much worse. That’s because our aging baby boomers are about to become senior boomers. And that’s likely to accelerate medical spending that’s […]

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