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Smarter Healthcare Choices

Our healthcare crisis in America is complicated.

Fixing it for you and your family – or your business – won’t happen with simplistic answers like avoiding the healthcare system altogether (would that we could).

That would be an irresponsible response to a complex crisis.

But it IS a crisis – and aggressive action IS required to avoid joining the ranks of its victims.  If you still doubt there are victims galore of America’s fragmented and fraudulent medical system, see the free Introduction to Our Healthcare Sucks (available here).

To avoid becoming one of these victims, you’ll need to take action.

Action without planning, however, could prove worse than planning without action.

That’s why we didn’t stop with just Our Healthcare Sucks in our own planning for MedSmart Members.

You’ll Need a Blueprint

The stakes are just too high – financially and medically – to go off on some half-cocked mission to eliminate your need for doctors with a raw food diet or other simplistic “solution” to an increasingly complex problem.

Example: There are times when the smartest choice is less aggressive/more conservative medical interventions – particularly for chronic medical conditions – and there are times when more aggressive interventions are appropriate.

Like in medical emergencies.

When MedSmart Patients is released (see Books), you may be surprised to find several chapters devoted to medical emergencies that all encourage more proactive responses by victims and bystanders.

This might not be what you’d expect after reading Our Healthcare Sucks. The casual reader might wish to go a medical minimalism route – and, for many, that may make sense.

But for anyone facing a true medical emergency, it could prove catastrophic.

A Delicate Balance

Which is why it’s so important to remain both vigilant and resourceful – to balance prudent skepticism about your doctors’ recommendations with selective assertiveness when confronted with the often inadequate response to medical emergencies by doctors, hospitals and understaffed EMTs alike.

It will help to achieve this delicate – and difficult – balance in how you approach your medical choices to see them in other than black-and-white terms.

They will almost always involve shades of gray – and a “yin-and-yang” appreciation of the synergies between your medical and lifestyle choices may prove especially helpful.

Crisis Also Means Opportunity

As long as I’m already on an Eastern track here, let’s remember that the Chinese symbol for crisis also conveys opportunity – the yang to its yin.

The medical crisis facing America is beyond dispute – reaching now into our ability to afford the other necessities of life.

This is true in terms of our national spending priorities as out-of-control medical spending cuts into everything from defense to daycare.

And it’s true in our family and business budgets as well.

With your family’s total healthcare costs likely to double over the nexr five or so years and TRIPLE over the next ten – literally – how many restaurant meals and movies will you be able to afford?

What else will you have to cut back on or eliminate entirely?

Cold Calculus

This isn’t “Chicken Little” alarmism.

It’s the cold calculus of our current medical spending trajectory – and it leads to no other conclusion, healthcare reform or no healthcare reform.

The average total healthcare cost for a family of four in America is now almost $21,000 a year – rapidly approaching $2,000 a month. At current rates, average family medical costs will exceed half the median family income in America by 2021 – and exceed TOTAL family income by 2031.

That, folks, is a crisis – especially in the context of declining average family incomes that may accelerate this dismal timetable.

The opportunity this crisis creates is one in which you no longer look to Washington or your employer to solve it for you.

They can’t – and they won’t.

Look instead in the mirror. That’s where you’ll find the opportunity to take charge of something you should have taken charge of long ago.

But you’ll need to buckle down and learn a few things first.

Which is why we couldn’t just stop with Our Healthcare Sucks. it just lays the foundation by sounding the alarm.

Do you really want to continue to put your health and safety – and your family’s financial future – in the hands of the most corrupt industry in America?

We didn’t think so. That’s why there’s lots more to come from MedSmart Members – including a blueprint of solutions to help guide you and your family in navigating the perilous waters of America’s broken healthcare system.

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This article is provided for informational and educational purposes only.
It does not constitute medical advice and should not be relied upon as such.

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