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While editing the rest of our MedSmart series of eBooks (see Books), we’re also dividing them into chapters for those who choose to become members to read as bite-sized weekly lessons. This approach will be paced to encourage members to complete time-limited eLearning modules of either six or twelve months:

  • Medical Module – Six months of paced chapters from MedSmart Patients, Health Insurance Under Health Reform and  Medication Risks & How to Safely Reduce Them;
  • Medical & Lifestyle Modules – Includes the medical module plus weekly lessons based on chapters from MedSmart Living, MedSmart Diet and Beyond Cholesterol: Know Your REAL Disease Risks – for a total of twelve months of measured learning to…
  • Optimize your ability to manage your disease risks;
  • Prepare you to assume a more proactive & effective role as a full and equal partner in your family’s medical care;  and
  • Promote a healthier, safer, and more affordable future for you and your family.

We’ll launch this membership model in the near future.   Join our waiting list to receive notification when we do by entering your name and email in the form below.

And get ready for whichever membership level you prefer by reading Our Healthcare Sucks – because each membership option will assume you’ve already read this foundation for MedSmart learning.

Without it, you simply won’t have the necessary motivation to stick with it – and that’s the whole idea behind offering this as a time-released membership model rather than just a series of inter-related eBooks.

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