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Defensive Medicine Makes Us All Sitting Ducks

Defensive Medicine Quackery [ez_date] “Defensive medicine” is the term applied to medical tests and procedures ordered by many physicians in order to protect themselves in the event of a malpractice claim filed by or on behalf of their patients.   These tests and procedures are often not necessary and can lead to further testing and […]

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America’s Doctors Need to Look in the Mirror

Doctor, Doctor, Mr. M.D. – What’s Ailing Thee? Doctors in America generally perceive themselves as victims. They’re victims of overly-aggressive lawyers and a litigious culture, of insurance company rules and restraints on their practice of medicine, of government intrusion and non-compliant patients. “Woe is me” is their implicit mantra. This is borne out by a […]

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It’s Time for Patients to Practice Some Defensive Medicine

Defensive Medicine Should Protect YOU, Not Your Doctors  Defensive medicine is the term used to describe physician practices intended to protect them from medical malpractice lawsuits. Examples include ordering CT scans and other diagnostic tests that are often unnecessary, as well as invasive procedures and hospitalizations that may put their patients in harm’s way. One […]

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Your Doctors’ Dirty Little Secret

What’s Up, Doc? It’s difficult for many of us to accept that our doctors often put their own financial interests ahead of our safety and financial security. Some readers may even get defensive about it – especially, of course, doctors themselves. Not all of them, of course. The good ones know this doesn’t apply to […]

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