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Hospital Scams About To Explode

Hospital Facility Fees Facilitate Rip-Offs You may not think you use hospitals very much, but you’re about to pay more for them whether you ever set foot inside one or not. While the nation remains focused on preparatory measures for Obamacare’s implementation next year (see Trisha Torrey’s excellent summation of related issues here), America’s hospitals […]

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table of healthcare conflicts of interest rooted in our payment system

Healthcare Myopia: Looking for Dr. Welby

Overcoming Resistance to Our Healthcare Reality Most Americans know our healthcare system is broken. Yet surveys show we continue to regard doctors more highly than virtually any other profession. In fact, the latest Gallup Poll data show that Americans’ trust their doctors’ honesty and high ethical standards. Their “approval ratings” on this count increased from […]

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Your Healthcare Needs Rethinking

Putting Your Healthcare in Perspective [ez_date] The financial reality in 21st century America is you’ll be self-insuring much of your future healthcare costs. So you’ll need to rethink your healthcare needs – and how you’ll pay for them. One way to make better use of our inefficient and dangerous healthcare system is to gain a […]

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Healthcare Fraud Stronger Than Ever

 Healthcare Fraud Is Way More Than Just Medicare & Medicaid In the Introduction to Our Healthcare Sucks (why beat around the bush?), I lay out the case for healthcare being the most corrupt industry in America. It’s not a hard case to make – and this graph of pending cases from the FBI shows it’s […]

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healthcare interventions all entail risks of injury

Coping With Our Broken Healthcare System

What’s the MedSmart Healthcare Solution? MedSmart Patients is about making better healthcare decisions. But the “Med” in “MedSmart” concerns not just medicine – where it stands for “Minimum Effective Dose” – but a modified “Mediterranean” diet and “Meditative” lifestyle as well. The companion volumes to MedSmart Patients – MedSmart Living and MedSmart Diet – will include […]

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Misplaced Medical Trust

Medicine’s Double-Edged Sword The following is excerpted from MedSmart Patients – the next eBook in the MedSmart series soon to be released. “Be scared. You can’t help that.                                        But don’t be afraid.”                                                             William Faulkner [ez_date] Assume you’re handed a medical diagnosis that could be a death sentence. What’s your reaction? If you’re like most people, […]

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Health Insurance or Self-Insurance?

TRIPLING Your Healthcare Costs? Health insurance premiums are consuming a growing share of Americans’ income. This promises to grow even faster as millions of baby boomers become “senior boomers” and use far more medical services. Over 30 million newly-insured Americans under health reform will cause further spikes in medical spending. This will prove especially true […]

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Healthcare mistakes are often kept a secret

Healthcare Jargon KILLS

Healthcare’s Dark Underbelly They who control our healthcare language control the healthcare conversation – and your healthcare future as well. Our Healthcare Sucks exposes the rampant decline in American medical ethics. Even the good doctors among us have been unable to correct this decline. That’s partly due to their choice to preserve professional etiquette with […]

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Book cover of MedSmart Patients - Navigating America

Navigating America’s Broken Healthcare System

Following Doctor’s Orders (The following is excerpted from MedSmart Patients  – the next eBook in the MedSmart series that will be released shortly.) Most of our attention in America regarding our healthcare has been directed at Obamacare and its political opposite that would repeal it and replace it with more of a free-market and less […]

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Obamacare Overlooks “Soft Fraud” in American Healthcare

Obamacare Should Outlaw Doctor-Owned Services Obamacare remains a heated topic in this year’s election cycle, second only to “the economy and jobs” according to a report  this week in The New Journal of Medicine. But both Obamacare and the Republican alternative proposed by Governor Romney miss the boat on what may be America’s most crucial […]

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