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Right Knee, Wrong Knee – Avoiding Medical Errors

When Medical Errors Hit Home [ez_date] You need to listen to this little story about medical errors because it could very well save you – or a loved one – from unnecessary pain and exorbitant expense. My roots on this journey to realizing that our healthcare sucks date back to the 1970’s when I was […]

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Your Healthcare Needs Rethinking

Putting Your Healthcare in Perspective [ez_date] The financial reality in 21st century America is you’ll be self-insuring much of your future healthcare costs. So you’ll need to rethink your healthcare needs – and how you’ll pay for them. One way to make better use of our inefficient and dangerous healthcare system is to gain a […]

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Resolve To Be Healthy in 2013

How Much Longer Can You Afford to NOT Be Healthy? Promoting healthy longevity requires proactive efforts to be healthy. This stands in stark contrast to the medical model of “disease prevention” that turns minor elevations in disease surrogates like cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar into pre-disease – increasing the legions of the “worried well”. […]

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healthcare interventions all entail risks of injury

Coping With Our Broken Healthcare System

What’s the MedSmart Healthcare Solution? MedSmart Patients is about making better healthcare decisions. But the “Med” in “MedSmart” concerns not just medicine – where it stands for “Minimum Effective Dose” – but a modified “Mediterranean” diet and “Meditative” lifestyle as well. The companion volumes to MedSmart Patients – MedSmart Living and MedSmart Diet – will include […]

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Healthcare USA: Biased Research, Bogus Medicine: Part 2

Grow Some Backbone Spinal fusions are among the most physician-abused medical procedures in healthcare USA – vying for top spot with needless open heart surgeries and cardiac stent implants. Studies by the Dartmouth Atlas Project reveal that spinal fusion surgeries are performed in some parts of America at 20 times the rate in other parts of the […]

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Healthcare Crisis – Time to Grow a Pair: Part 3

U.S. Healthcare: Extreme Crises Demand Extreme Measures  We’ve been calling our healthcare spending “unsustainable” for so long it’s lost all meaning. It’s taken on a “chicken little” quality that undermines the severity of the crisis. That’s a problem, because the worst is yet to come – largely in the form of baby boomers entering their highest […]

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Chart of US healthcare spending

Healthcare Crisis – Time to Grow a Pair: Part 2

Healthcare’s An Industry Like No Other Healthcare is different from other industries. Doctors have a duty to put their patients’ interests before their own financial interests. The American Medical Association’s Code of Ethics requires it. Other industries have no such duty. Their primary duty is to maximize their shareholder profits. In that context, the “greed […]

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Healthcare Crisis -Time to Grow a Pair: Part 1

America’s Healthcare Industry is Out-of-Control With the Supreme Court decision on healthcare reform in the U.S. now behind us, it’s time to reassess our healthcare crisis for what it really is. The Supreme Court’s decision to allow the so-called Affordable Care Act to proceed – unless it’s repealed in the wake of November’s elections – […]

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