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Lifestyle Changes Can Free You Of Our Broken Healthcare System

Lifestyle Choices Drive Your Risk for Heart Attack, Stroke and Death Itself There was some encouraging news last week about the benefits of healthful lifestyle changes on your risk for stroke, heart disease and death from all causes. The first of these was a study published in the medical journal Stroke that found that those who scored […]

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes Reduce Healthcare Dependence – Part 2

Commit To Learning About Healthy Lifestyle Changes Our collective need for healthy lifestyle changes may be nowhere more compelling than with the unending growth in Alzheimer’s Disease. The latest estimates are that the number of Americans with Alzheimer’s Disease will triple by the year 2050. There’s plenty of evidence that the best way to avoid Alzheimer’s Disease […]

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes Reduce Healthcare Dependence

Healthy Lifestyle Changes Are The Answer  Smart medical consumers know the importance of healthy lifestyle changes. They also know we don’t need to wait for the medical profession or the government to figure out a solution to the chronic disease epidemics that threaten to bankrupt the country. We can take the bull-by-the-horn ourselves with healthy […]

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