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Medicare Physician Payments and Medical Errors

Medicare Over-Payments & Medical Errors [ez_date] Much is being made this week of the public release of physician-specific Medicare payments. Given that this has been legally prohibited for many decades by legal proceedings initiated by physicians, the backlash from physicians is predictably vociferous (see “None of Your Business: Docs React to Medicare Data Release“). One […]

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Medical Errors Start With Misdiagnoses

Medical Errors of Diagnosis Harm More Than Treatment Mistakes Another report on medical errors in America’s healthcare system cautions that these early-stage medical errors account for more medical harm – both preventable deaths and disability – than treatment errors. In this study, Johns Hopkins researchers reviewed 25 years of medical errors – reflected in medical malpractice payouts […]

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Right Knee, Wrong Knee – Avoiding Medical Errors

When Medical Errors Hit Home [ez_date] You need to listen to this little story about medical errors because it could very well save you – or a loved one – from unnecessary pain and exorbitant expense. My roots on this journey to realizing that our healthcare sucks date back to the 1970’s when I was […]

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Healthcare mistakes are often kept a secret

Healthcare Jargon KILLS

Healthcare’s Dark Underbelly They who control our healthcare language control the healthcare conversation – and your healthcare future as well. Our Healthcare Sucks exposes the rampant decline in American medical ethics. Even the good doctors among us have been unable to correct this decline. That’s partly due to their choice to preserve professional etiquette with […]

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