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mammography perceptions reflect healthcare expectations

Are Medical Advances Always Wise?

Our Healthcare Needs More Zen, Less Spend [ez_date] This week’s New England Journal of Medicine¬†(NEJM) has a couple of reports that got me to thinking about how much our healthcare system runs on the fuel of fear – not unlike how much of the Old Testament of the Bible used fear to keep the masses […]

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Do Lifestyle Changes Really Matter?

New Study Asserts Drugs Over Lifestyle So here comes another flawed study – randomly-controlled and all, and published in The New England Journal of Medicine, no less – that purports to show that medications work better than lifestyle changes to reduce cardiovascular risk in diabetics. The study was named Look AHEAD (Action for Health in […]

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Healthcare USA: Biased Research, Bogus Medicine – Part 1

Who Do YOU Trust? With our presidential election cycle now shifting into high gear – along with the heated rhetoric about healthcare reform in America, or “Obamacare” – it’s a good time to step back from the charges and counter-charges to ask what’s the real status of healthcare USA? If it’s really as ethically compromised […]

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