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Vitamin D Research Raises New Questions

Vitamin D Not A Silver Bullet After All?¬† A recent study by Johns Hopkins researchers finding that there is indeed an upper level of benefit with vitamin D blood levels is likely to put vitamin D proponents in quite a snit. Actually, I’m a vitamin D proponent as well – I supplement with it daily […]

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Trans fats pervade the American diet

Trans Fats and Tax Codes

¬†Trans Fats & Taxes It’s tax day in America and you’re forgiven if trans fats aren’t uppermost in your mind. However, it’s actually a fitting time to consider how our tax code perpetuates our healthcare crisis. A recent report about the South not being the fattest region in America, as generally perceived, got me to […]

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5 Ways Obesity Ages You Fast

Obesity – Old Before Your Time The link between obesity and various diseases has been well-established. Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease are the best recognized diseases that are linked directly to obesity. But there’s a long list of diseases that are triggered or accelerated by the adverse biological processes caused by obesity. These include […]

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