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Is Malpractice Reform a License to Kill?

Malpractice Reforms That Enable Malpractice [ez_date] It appears that many malpractice-prone doctors flee to nearby states that enact laws that purport to “reform” medical malpractice by capping non-economic damages patients may receive. That, at least, is the conclusion of a recent malpractice report in the Journal of Law and Economics. This means doctors guilty of […]

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Healthcare USA: Pricey, Preferential, and Provocative

Healthcare USA – Beyond the Politics This week’s report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) that the rate of growth in US healthcare spending has tapered off compared to that of other high-spending countries (Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Canada in this case). This is considered a good thing, even though […]

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Health Insurance Word Cloud Concept on a 3D Cube

This Health Insurance Trap Could Cost You Plenty

Health Insurance Alert: Out-of-Network Rip-Offs [ez_date] Much has been made in the health insurance debate surrounding Obamacare of the growing reliance by health insurers on “narrow networks” of doctors and hospitals willing to accept their discounted payments as a means of keeping healthcare costs under control. This trend preceded Obamacare, but has accelerated as insurers […]

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We Need MORE VHA Health

Whatever the VHA’s Flaws, Private Healthcare’s Worse  [ez_date] This post is a follow-up to my last post on the troubled Veterans Health Administration (VHA), which is under renewed scrutiny following revelations of patient treatment delays that were concealed to make some VHA services look better and generate bonuses for select administrators. This has created sufficient […]

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VHA Flaws No Worse Than Private Healthcare

VHA Controversy Ignores Bigger Flaws With Private Healthcare [ez_date] Memorial Day seems a fitting time to weigh in on the Veteran’s Health Administration (VHA) scandal. The VHA is on the hot seat now for reported delays in scheduling patients that may have contributed to the deaths of dozens of veterans. The usual response prevails – […]

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Obamacare’s Unspoken Risks

Obamacare’s Better Access is a Double-Edged Sword Now that the initial deadline for health insurance enrollment under Obamacare’s mandated coverage requirement has passed, maybe we can all take a breath to consider what achieving its initial 7 million enrollment figure really represents. Its opponents have a lot riding on derailing Obamcare, one way or another […]

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Obamacare Critics Focus on the Lawn While House is Burning Down

Both Obamacare & Its Critics Miss the Big Healthcare Picture A recent column at CommDigiNews caught my attention as it seemed to be one of the less inflammatory broadsides against Obamacare. That this is noteworthy reflects the level of discourse on America’s most divisive political issue. Written by a college professor, it was thankfully short […]

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Can Medical Marijuana Save America?

The Economic Case for Medical Marijuana What does medical marijuana have to do with America’s economic future, you ask? More than you might think – if we can ever get beyond the obligatory bong jokes and adolescent snickering (seriously, most of the top YouTube videos about medical marijuana are heavy on the “marijuana” and really […]

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Is Your Healthcare a Rip-Off?

Your Healthcare and State Politics One thing our experience with Obamacare to date has driven home is how differently each state in America deals with its healthcare system. It doesn’t begin or end with whether or not they set up their own health insurance exchanges or refuse to expand their Medicaid coverage as Obamacare anticipated. […]

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If Only Obamacare Empowered Patients – Part 2

What Obamacare 2.0 Might Mean for REAL Health Reform  [ez_date] Part 1 of this post explored three things Obamacare fails to do that would empower patients to be smarter consumers of expensive and often dangerous medical services. Part 2 explores how these and related measures would help us get a better handle on healthcare spending […]

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