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are you addicted to a depressing diet?

Hidden Meaning in Latest Weight Loss Drug Approval?

Are YOU a Junk Food Junkie? [ez_date]   The seemingly endless search for an effective weight loss drug continues apace with last week’s FDA approval of Contrave, a weight loss drug composed of two drugs previously approved to treat depression and addictions. And therein lies perhaps its greatest meaning – as the drug itself is unlikely […]

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Do Lifestyle Changes Really Matter?

New Study Asserts Drugs Over Lifestyle So here comes another flawed study – randomly-controlled and all, and published in The New England Journal of Medicine, no less – that purports to show that medications work better than lifestyle changes to reduce cardiovascular risk in diabetics. The study was named Look AHEAD (Action for Health in […]

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5 Ways Obesity Ages You Fast

Obesity – Old Before Your Time The link between obesity and various diseases has been well-established. Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease are the best recognized diseases that are linked directly to obesity. But there’s a long list of diseases that are triggered or accelerated by the adverse biological processes caused by obesity. These include […]

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Obesity, Skinny – Fat & Disease

The Skinny on Skinny-Fat  This post picks up on a prior post (see “Belly Fat – the Enemy Within“) about the misleading nature of BMI (body mass Index) measurements. This includes press reports that encourage complacency among those with higher risks for disease than is currently perceived. One study of older adults with normal BMIs […]

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Belly Fat – The Enemy Within

Belly Fat May Be Worse Than Obesity The silly science behind the recent report that being overweight, including the excess belly fat that usually accompanies it, may not be much of a health threat after all was discussed in a previous post (see “Weight Loss Fallacies and Fraudulent Science“). This post seeks to draw your […]

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Weight Loss Fallacies and Fraudulent Science

Weight Loss May Still Be Needed If you’ve been struggling with weight loss, you may have been reassured by the recent news of a study suggesting that being overweight isn’t really such a big deal after all. Several weeks into the new year, maybe you’ve already slipped in that New Year’s weight loss resolution and […]

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Doctors’ Irresponsible Anti-Fat Bias

Doctors’ Anti-Fat Bias Costs Us Dearly A recently published  study compared doctors’ attitudes toward obese patients with the general population’s attitudes toward obesity and found no difference between the two. As the study concluded, “Weight bias among medical doctors is widespread”. The researchers analyzed voluntary self-assessments by the general public and by doctors – 78% […]

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English: Diagram illustrating the influence of...

Diet Tip: Give Your Stomach a Rest

Never Eat at Night The final chapter in Our Healthcare Sucks notes the need for many Americans to “right-size” not just their healthcare consumption, but their diets as well. The table in that chapter comparing US obesity rates with other developed countries reinforces the urgency of this need for Americans who hope to get their […]

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Weight loss will be needed to reduce medical costs for many Americans

WEIGHT LOSS: Too Much, Too Fast Increases Disease Risk

It’s no secret that America needs to lose weight. We lead the world in obesity. Nor are the reasons hard to find: The heavily processed & packaged Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) –  largely stripped of nutrients – promotes weight gain; Many medications promote weight gain and America leads the world in drug consumption; Calorie consumption […]

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